Difference between DTS and SSIS

The DTS and SSIS are both used in SQL Server Transformations. The DTS was used for transformation purpose up to SQL Server 2000 and SSIS (Including SSAS and SSRS) are the advanced to DTS and are included in SQL Server 2005 onwards. The capability of SSIS tool in comparison with DTS is tremendous. This SSIS tool is in competition with other ETL Tools in the present. The SSIS has lot added features as per the current requirements.


· DTS stands for Data Transformation Services.

· DTS is a set of objects using an ETS tool to extract, transform, and load information to or from a database

· DTS was originally part of the Microsoft SQL Server 2000

· Uses Active-x Script

· No Deployment wizard is available

· Limited Set of Transformation available

· Does not support BI Functionality

· Single Task at a time

· It is unmanaged script

· DTS can develop through Enterprise manager

· We can deploy only at local server

· Designer contains Single Pane

· No Event Hander

· No Solution Explorer

· Connection and other values are static, not controlled at runtime.


· SSIS stands for Sql Server Integration Services

· SSIS is an ETL tool provided by Microsoft to extra data from different sources.

· SSIS is a component of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005

· Uses Scripting Language

· Deployment wizard is available

· Huge of Transformations available

· Completely supports end to end process of BI

· Multi Tasks run parallel

· It is managed by CLR

· SSIS can develop through Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS, nothing but new version of VS IDE)

· It can be deployed using multiple server using BIDS

· SSIS designer contains 4 design panes:
a) Control Flow
b) Data Flow
c) Event Handlers &
d) Package Explorer.

· Event Handler Available

· Solution Explorer is available, with packages, connections and Data Source Views (DSV)

· It can be controlled dynamically using configuration

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