Customize the view at database diagram to manage the proper relationship between tables

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when designing tables and there relationship in a database, i like to use database diagrams to define foreign key relationship. but if its only shows the column name than some time its difficult to assign foreign key relationship. but it can be manage on database diagram by just one RIGHT click on the table.

Once you drop a table into a diagram, you have several choices regarding what information is shown for that table.  You can modify the table view by right-clicking the table:



However, the default view is Column Names, and I kept getting annoyed that I had to keep changing the view to Standard in order to show column data types.  Prying around, I discovered there is a way to change this default.  In SSMS, go to Tools -> Options, and on the left-hand side panel navigate to Designers and then to Table and Database Designers.  Once there, you may change the default table view in diagrams like this:

Default Table View in Diagrams


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