SSIS Fuzzy Lookup Stop with no error, Why?

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Long back I had a trouble in using Excel connection manager in SSIS 2008, for that situation i was just changed project properties

Run64BitRuntime = false

then I was able to use Excel  connection manager.

again not exact but last week i was stuck with another issue which is more related to this.
When we are using Fuzzylookup with Run64BitRuntime changing it stuck with undefined bug. It’s not a failure or not a success. It’s just stuck.
Now for the fuzzyLookUp issue, when I tried with some OLEDB source, and when I made Run64BitRuntime = True,
FuzzyLookUp worked.

So now the problem is

  • Run64BitRuntime = False

Then Excel connection manager fine , but FuzzyLookUp is not working.

  • Run64BitRuntime = True

Then Excel connection manager is not working, but FuzzyLookUp will work.


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